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[kuh-los-truh m] /kəˈlɒs trəm/

a yellowish liquid, especially rich in immune factors, secreted by the mammary gland of female mammals a few days before and after the birth of their young.
the thin milky secretion from the nipples that precedes and follows true lactation. It consists largely of serum and white blood cells

1570s, from Latin colostrum “first milk from an animal,” of unknown origin.

colostrum co·los·trum (kə-lŏs’trəm)
The first milk secreted at the time of parturition, differing from the milk secreted later by containing more lactalbumin and lactoprotein, and also being rich in antibodies that confer passive immunity to the newborn. Also called foremilk.
co·los’tral (-trəl) adj.


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