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Colour model

Any system for representing colours as ordered sets of numbers. The most common colour models are RGB, CMYK, and HSB. There are several others, e.g. CMY, and the “Lab” system(?).
See also: Pantone.


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  • Colour palette

    graphics, hardware (colour look-up table, CLUT) A device which converts the logical colour numbers stored in each pixel of video memory into physical colours, normally represented as RGB triplets, that can be displayed on the monitor. The palette is simply a block of fast RAM which is addressed by the logical colour and whose output […]

  • Colour phase

    noun 1. a seasonal change in the coloration of some animals 2. an abnormal variation in the coloration shown by a group of animals within a species

  • Colourpoint cat

    /ˈkʌləˌpɔɪnt/ noun 1. a cat with increased pigmentation of cooler points of the body, such as ears, feet, tail, nose, and scrotum (in males) US name Himalayan cat

  • Colour-reversal

    noun 1. (modifier) (photog) (of film or photographic paper) designed to produce a positive image directly from a positive subject

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