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[kuh-luhm-nee-ey-shuh n] /kəˌlʌm niˈeɪ ʃən/

noun, Architecture.
the employment of columns.
the system of columns in a structure.
the arrangement of architectural columns


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  • Column-inch

    noun, Printing. 1. type one column wide and 1 inch (2.54 cm) deep. noun 1. a unit of measurement for advertising space, one inch deep and one column wide

  • Columnist

    [kol-uh m-nist, -uh-mist] /ˈkɒl əm nɪst, -ə mɪst/ noun 1. the writer or editor of a newspaper or magazine . /ˈkɒləmɪst; -əmnɪst/ noun 1. a journalist who writes a regular feature in a newspaper: a gossip columnist n. 1920, from column in the newspaper sense + -ist.

  • Column-krater

    noun 1. . [kel-uh-bee] /ˈkɛl ə bi/ noun, Greek and Roman Antiquity. 1. a mixing bowl, characterized by a wide neck and flanged lip from which extend two vertical handles to the shoulder of an oval body, used to mix wine and water.

  • Column of fornix

    column of fornix n. The part of the fornix, consisting primarily of fibers originating in the hippocampus, that is the direct continuation of the body of the fornix.

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