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Coma scale

coma scale n.
A clinical test for assessing impaired consciousness in which motor responsiveness, verbal performance, eye opening, and sometimes the function of cranial nerves are assessed.


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  • Comate

    [koh-meyt] /koʊˈmeɪt/ noun 1. a or companion. [koh-meyt] /ˈkoʊ meɪt/ adjective 1. Botany. having a coma. 2. hairy; tufted. /ˈkəʊmeɪt/ adjective (botany) 1. having tufts of hair 2. having or relating to a coma

  • Comatose

    [kom-uh-tohs, koh-muh-] /ˈkɒm əˌtoʊs, ˈkoʊ mə-/ adjective 1. affected with or characterized by coma. 2. lacking alertness or energy; torpid: comatose from lack of sleep. /ˈkəʊməˌtəʊs; -ˌtəʊz/ adjective 1. in a state of coma 2. torpid; lethargic adj. 1755, from Latinized form of Greek komat-, comb. form of koma (genitive komatos; see coma) + -ose […]

  • Comatic

    [koh-mat-ik] /koʊˈmæt ɪk/ adjective, Optics. 1. of, relating to, or blurred as a result of a coma.

  • Comatulid

    [kuh-mach-uh-lid] /kəˈmætʃ ə lɪd/ noun 1. a free-swimming, stalkless crinoid; feather star. /kəˈmætjʊlɪd/ noun (pl) -lids, -lae (-liː) 1. any of a group of crinoid echinoderms, including the feather stars, in which the adults are free-swimming

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