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a Windsor chair back in which the vertical spindles are surmounted by a broad, carved crest rail resembling a comb.


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  • Combe

    [koom, kohm] /kum, koʊm/ noun, British. 1. a narrow valley or deep hollow, especially one enclosed on all but one side. /kuːm/ noun 1. variant spellings of coomb

  • Combe-Capelle man

    [kohm-ka-pel] /ˈkoʊm kæˈpɛl/ noun 1. a skeleton of the early Upper Paleolithic Perigordian culture in France.

  • Combed-yarn

    noun 1. cotton or worsted yarn of fibers laid parallel, superior in smoothness to carded yarn.

  • Colpalgia

    colpalgia col·pal·gi·a (kŏl-pāl’jē-ə, -jə) n. See vaginodynia.

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