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Combined version

combined version n.
See bimanual version.


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  • Combine harvester

    /ˈkɒmbaɪn/ noun 1. a machine that simultaneously cuts, threshes, and cleans a standing crop of grain

  • Combing

    [kohm] /koʊm/ noun 1. a toothed strip of plastic, hard rubber, bone, wood, or metal, used for arranging the hair, untangling it, or holding it in place. 2. a . 3. any comblike instrument, object, or formation. 4. the fleshy, more or less serrated outgrowth on the head of certain gallinaceous birds, especially the domestic […]

  • Combings

    [koh-mingz] /ˈkoʊ mɪŋz/ plural noun 1. hairs removed with a or a brush. /ˈkəʊmɪŋz/ plural noun 1. the loose hair, wool, etc, removed by combing, esp that of animals 2. the unwanted loose short fibres removed in combing cotton, etc

  • Combining-form

    noun, Grammar. 1. a linguistic form that occurs only in combination with other forms. In word formation, a combining form may conjoin with an independent word (mini- + skirt), another combining form (photo- + -graphy), or an affix (cephal- + -ic); it is thus distinct from an affix, which can be added to either a […]

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