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[kuh m-buhs-tuh-buh l] /kəmˈbʌs tə bəl/

capable of catching fire and burning; inflammable; flammable:
Gasoline vapor is highly combustible.
easily excited:
a high-strung, combustible nature.
a combustible substance:
Trucks carrying combustibles will not be allowed to use this tunnel.
capable of igniting and burning
easily annoyed; excitable
a combustible substance

1520s, from Middle French combustible, or directly from Late Latin combustibilis, from Latin combustus, past participle of combuere “to burn up, consume” (see combustion). Figurative sense is from 1640s; as a noun, from 1680s. Related: Combustibility (late 15c.).

combustible com·bus·ti·ble (kəm-bŭs’tə-bəl)
Capable of igniting and burning. n.
A substance that ignites and burns readily.


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