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Come out of a bag

verb phrase

To act contrary to expectation (1990s+ Black)


Read Also:

  • Come out of nowhere

    see: out of nowhere

  • Come out of the chute

    verb phrase To begin; inaugurate something: If we had come out of the chute conservatively, we would have been projecting a sense of doubt [1980s+; fr the rodeo, where bucking horses, rampaging bulls, etc, come out of a chute at the edge of the arena]

  • Come out of the closet

    To publicly announce a belief or preference that one has kept hidden, especially one’s sexual preference: “At the last moment, the representative came out of the closet and announced her support for the controversial amendment.” (See skeleton in the closet.) verb phrase see: come out , def. 6.

  • Come out swinging

    verb phrase To be eager and aggressive; come on strong: Labor chief comes out swinging/ the fighter came out smoking, trying to dazzle the audience with a flurry of quips (1990s+)

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