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[kom-i-tee] /ˈkɒm ɪ ti/

noun, plural comities.
mutual courtesy; civility.
Also called comity of nations. courtesy between nations, as in respect shown by one country for the laws, judicial decisions, and institutions of another.
noun (pl) -ties
mutual civility; courtesy
short for comity of nations
the policy whereby one religious denomination refrains from proselytizing the members of another

a state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect, esp. between or among nations or people; civility
Word Origin

Latin comis ‘courteous, friendly’

early 15c., “association,” from French comité, from Latin comitas “courtesy, friendliness, kindness, affability,” from comis “courteous, friendly, kind,” of uncertain origin. Meaning “courtesy” in English is from 1540s. Phrase comity of nations attested from 1862: “The obligation recognized by civilized nations to respect each other’s laws and usages as far as their separate interests allow.”


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