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Command key

feature key


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  • Command line interface

    operating system A means of communication between a program and its user, based solely on textual input and output. Commands are input with the help of a keyboard or similar device and are interpreted and executed by the program. Results are output as text or graphics to the terminal. Command line interfaces usually provide greater […]

  • Command-line interpreter

    command interpreter

  • Command line option

    software (Or “option”, “flag”, “switch”, “option switch”) An argument to a command that modifies its function rather than providing data. Options generally start with “-” in Unix or “/” in MS-DOS. This is usually followed by a single letter or occasionally a digit. More recently, GNU software adopted the –longoptionname style, usually in addition to […]

  • Commandment

    [kuh-mand-muh nt, -mahnd-] /kəˈmænd mənt, -ˈmɑnd-/ noun 1. a or mandate. 2. (sometimes initial capital letter) any of the Ten Commandments. 3. the act or power of . /kəˈmɑːndmənt/ noun 1. a divine command, esp one of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament 2. (literary) any command n. late 13c., “an order from an […]

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