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[kuh-men-suh l] /kəˈmɛn səl/

eating together at the same table.
Ecology. (of an animal, plant, fungus, etc.) living with, on, or in another, without injury to either.
Sociology. (of a person or group) not competing while residing in or occupying the same area as another individual or group having independent or different values or customs.
a companion at table.
Ecology. a commensal organism.
(of two different species of plant or animal) living in close association, such that one species benefits without harming the other
(rare) of or relating to eating together, esp at the same table: commensal pleasures
a commensal plant or animal
(rare) a companion at table

“one who eats at the same table” (as another), c.1400, from Old French commensal (15c.), from Medieval Latin commensalis, from com- “together” (see com-) + mensa (genitive mensalis) “table” (see mesa). Biological sense attested from 1870.

commensal com·men·sal (kə-měn’səl)
Of, relating to, or characterized by a symbiotic relationship in which one species is benefited while the other is unaffected. n.
An organism participating in a symbiotic relationship in which one species derives some benefit while the other is unaffected.


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