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[kom-uh-noot, -nyoot] /ˈkɒm əˌnut, -ˌnyut/

verb (used with object), comminuted, comminuting.
to pulverize; triturate.
comminuted; divided into small parts.
powdered; pulverized.
to break (a bone) into several small fragments
to divide (property) into small lots
(transitive) to pulverize

1620s, from Latin comminutus, past participle of comminuere “to lessen, break into smaller parts,” from com- “together” (see com-) + minuere “to make smaller” (see minus). Related: Comminuted; comminuting.

comminuted adj.
Broken into fragments. Used of a fractured bone.

comminute com·mi·nute (kŏm’ə-nōōt’, -nyōōt’)
v. com·mi·nut·ed, com·mi·nut·ing, com·mi·nutes
To reduce to powder; to pulverize.
com’mi·nu’tion n.


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