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Commissural cell

commissural cell n.
A nerve cell of the gray matter of the spinal cord, the axon of which passes through a commissure and enters the white matter of the other side of the cord. Also called heteromeric cell.


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  • Commissural cheilitis

    commissural cheilitis n. See angular cheilitis.

  • Commissural fiber

    commissural fiber n. Any of the nerve fibers crossing the midline and connecting the symmetrical halves of the nervous system.

  • Commissure

    [kom-uh-shoo r, -shur] /ˈkɒm əˌʃʊər, -ˌʃɜr/ noun 1. a joint; seam; suture. 2. Botany. the joint or face by which one carpel coheres with another. 3. Anatomy, Zoology. a connecting band of nerve fiber, especially one joining the right and left sides of the brain or spinal cord. /ˈkɒmɪˌsjʊə/ noun 1. a band of tissue […]

  • Commissure of cerebral hemispheres

    commissure of cerebral hemispheres n. See corpus callosum.

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