[kuh-mod-i-tee] /kəˈmɒd ɪ ti/

noun, plural commodities.
an article of trade or commerce, especially a product as distinguished from a service.
something of use, advantage, or value.
Stock Exchange. any unprocessed or partially processed good, as grain, fruits, and vegetables, or precious metals.
Obsolete. a quantity of goods.
noun (pl) -ties
an article of commerce
something of use, advantage, or profit
(economics) an exchangeable unit of economic wealth, esp a primary product or raw material


early 15c., “benefit, profit, welfare;” later “a convenient or useful product,” from Middle French commodité “benefit, profit,” from Latin commoditatem (nominative commoditas) “fitness, adaptation, convenience, advantage,” from commodus “suitable, convenient” (see commode). General sense “property possession” is from c.1500.

Any product manufactured or grown.

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