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Commodore business machines

(CBM) Makers of the PET, Commodore 64, Commodore 16, Commodore 128, and Amiga personal computers. Their logo is a chicken head.
On 1994-04-29, Commodore International announced that it had been unable to renegotiate terms of outstanding loans and was closing down the business. Commodore US was expected to go into liquidation. Commodore US, France, Spain, and Belgium were liquidated for various reasons. The names Commodore and Amiga were maintained after the liquidation.
On 1995-04-21, German retailer Escom AG bought Commodore International for $14m and production of the Amiga resumed. Tulip Computers took over the brand in the Netherlands.
Production of the 8-bit range alledgedly never stopped during the time in liquidation because a Chinese company were producing the C64 in large numbers for the local market there.
In 2004, Tulip sold the Commodore name to another Dutch firm, Yeahronimo. In April 2008 three creditors took the company to court demanding a bankruptcy ruling.


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