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Common lisp in parallel

language, parallel
(CLIP) A version of Common LISP from Allegro for the Sequent Symmetry.


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    language (CLOS) An object-oriented extension to Common LISP, based on generic functions, multiple inheritance, declarative method combination and a meta-object protocol. A descendant of CommonLoops and based on Symbolics FLAVORS and Xerox LOOPS, among others. See also PCL. [“Common LISP Object System Specification X3J13 Document 88-002R”, D.G. Bobrow et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23, Sep 1988]. […]

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    noun, Mathematics. 1. a logarithm having 10 as the base. noun 1. a logarithm to the base ten. Usually written log or log10 Compare natural logarithm common logarithm A logarithm having 10 as its base. Compare natural logarithm.

  • Commonloops

    language Xerox’s object-oriented Lisp which led to CLOS. See also Portable CommonLoops. (ftp://arisia.xerox.com/pub/pcl/September-16-92-PCL-c.tar.Z). [“CommonLoops: Merging Lisp and Object-Oriented Programming”, D.G. Bobrow et al, SIGPLAN Notices 21(11):17-29, Nov 1986]. (1999-07-02)

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