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the ability to communicate with, appeal to, or inspire ordinary people.


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  • Common user access

    programming (CUA) The user interface standard of SAA. (1997-12-01)

  • Common variable immunodeficiency

    common variable immunodeficiency n. Immunodeficiency of unknown cause characterized chiefly by abnormally low levels of immunoglobulin; it is associated with increased susceptibility to pyogenic infections and with autoimmune disease.

  • Commonweal

    [kom-uh n-weel] /ˈkɒm ənˌwil/ noun 1. the common welfare; the public good. 2. Archaic. the body politic; a commonwealth. /ˈkɒmənˌwiːl/ noun (archaic) 1. the good of the community 2. another name for commonwealth

  • Commonwealth

    [kom-uh n-welth] /ˈkɒm ənˌwɛlθ/ noun 1. (initial capital letter) a group of sovereign states and their dependencies associated by their own choice and linked with common objectives and interests: the British Commonwealth. 2. the Commonwealth, . 3. (initial capital letter) a federation of states: the Commonwealth of Australia. 4. (initial capital letter) a self-governing territory […]

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