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plural noun
(informal) communications


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  • Communal

    [kuh-myoon-l, kom-yuh-nl] /kəˈmyun l, ˈkɒm yə nl/ adjective 1. used or shared in common by everyone in a group: a communal jug of wine. 2. of, by, or belonging to the people of a ; shared or participated in by the public: communal land; Building the playground was a communal project. 3. pertaining to a […]

  • Communal aerial

    noun 1. a television or radio receiving aerial from which received signals are distributed by cable to several outlets

  • Communalism

    [kuh-myoon-l-iz-uh m, kom-yuh-nl-] /kəˈmyun lˌɪz əm, ˈkɒm yə nl-/ noun 1. a theory or system of government according to which each commune is virtually an independent state and the nation is merely a federation of such states. 2. the principles or practices of ownership. 3. strong allegiance to one’s own ethnic group rather than to […]

  • Communalities

    [kom-yuh-nal-i-tee] /ˌkɒm yəˈnæl ɪ ti/ noun 1. the state or condition of being . 2. a feeling or spirit of cooperation and belonging arising from common interests and goals.

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