noun, Ecclesiastical.
any Sunday on which communion is administered.

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  • Communion-table

    noun, Ecclesiastical. 1. the table used in the celebration of communion, or the Lord’s Supper; the Lord’s table.

  • Communion wafer

    noun the bread or breadlike item used in the Eucharist or Holy Communion to represent the Body of Christ Examples The traditional communion wafers served during Roman Catholic communion services are made out of two ingredients, wheat flour and water. Word Origin by 1725

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    [kuh-myoo-ni-key, kuh-myoo-ni-key] /kəˌmyu nɪˈkeɪ, kəˈmyu nɪˌkeɪ/ noun 1. an official bulletin or communication, usually to the press or public. /kəˈmjuːnɪˌkeɪ/ noun 1. an official communication or announcement, esp to the press or public n. 1852, from French communiqué, originally past participle of communiquer “to communicate” (14c.), from Latin communicare “impart, inform” (see communication). Originally the […]

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    noun 1. a peak of the Pamir mountains, in NE Tajikistan. 24,590 feet (7495 meters). noun 1. a former name for Ismoil Somoni

  • Communist bloc

    noun the name applied to the former Communist states of eastern Europe, esp. during the existence of the Soviet Union Examples The Communist bloc included countries after the end of World War II which became linked by adherence to the ideology and practice of communism. Word Origin by 1922

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