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Community charge

(formerly in Britain) a flat-rate charge paid by each adult in a community to his or her local authority in place of rates Also called poll tax


Read Also:

  • Community-church

    noun 1. an independent or denominational church in a particular community.

  • Community-college

    noun 1. a nonresidential junior college established to serve a specific community and typically supported in part by local government funds. noun 1. (Brit) another term for village college 2. (mainly US & Canadian) a nonresidential college offering two-year courses of study 3. (NZ) an adult education college with trade classes

  • Community council

    noun 1. (in Scotland and Wales) an independent voluntary local body set up to attend to local interests and organize community activities

  • Community education

    noun 1. the provision of a wide range of educational and special interest courses and activities by a local authority

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