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Community hospital


a local general hospital, esp. for short-term patient care

Most babies are born at the community hospital.


Read Also:

  • Community language

    plural noun 1. a language spoken by members of a minority group or community within a majority language context

  • Community leader

    noun a socially and/or politically prominent and respected member of a community Examples Community leaders met to discuss state taxes.

  • Community-medicine

    noun 1. public-health services targeted to a given community, often a low-income population. community medicine com·mu·ni·ty medicine (kə-myōō’nĭ-tē) n. Public health services emphasizing preventive medicine and epidemiology for members of a given community or region.

  • Community-mental-health-center

    noun 1. a health-care facility or network of agencies that is part of a system originally authorized by the U.S. government to provide a coordinated program of continuing mental health care to a specific population.

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