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Company car


a motor vehicle provided by a corporation for the business use (and sometimes private) or an employee


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  • Company-grade

    noun 1. military rank applying to army officers below major, as second and first lieutenants and captains.

  • Company-man

    noun 1. an employee whose allegiance to his employer comes before personal beliefs or loyalty to fellow workers. noun 1. an employee who puts allegiance to the company for which he works above personal opinion or friendship noun phrase One who is, esp from the point of view of union members, devoted to the interests […]

  • Company manners

    One’s best behavior, as in George never interrupts when we have guests; he has fine company manners. This term employs company in the sense of “guests.” An older variant, Tell me thy company and I’ll tell thee thy manners, uses company in the sense of “companions.” The current term implies that one is more mindful […]

  • Company-officer

    noun, Army and Marine Corps. 1. a captain or lieutenant serving in a company.

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