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[kom-per-uh-buh l or, sometimes, kuh m-pair-] /ˈkɒm pər ə bəl or, sometimes, kəmˈpɛər-/

capable of being ; having features in common with something else to permit or suggest :
He considered the Roman and British empires to be comparable.
worthy of :
shops comparable to those on Fifth Avenue.
usable for ; similar:
We have no comparable data on Russian farming.
worthy of comparison
able to be compared (with)

early 15c., from Middle French comparable, from Latin comparabilis “capable of comparison,” from comparare (see comparison). Related: Comparably; comparability.


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  • Comparatist

    [kuh m-par-uh-tist] /kəmˈpær ə tɪst/ noun 1. a specialist in comparative linguistics or comparative literature.

  • Comparation

    n. late 15c., from Latin comparationem “a putting together,” hence, “a comparing,” noun of action from comparare (see comparison).

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    [kuh m-par-uh-tiv] /kəmˈpær ə tɪv/ adjective 1. of or relating to . 2. proceeding by, founded on, or using as a method of study: comparative anatomy. 3. estimated by ; not positive or absolute; relative: a comparative newcomer in politics; to live in comparative luxury. 4. Grammar. being, noting, or pertaining to the intermediate degree […]

  • Comparative advantage

    noun the ability of an individual or group to carry out an economic activity, such as production, at a lower cost and more efficiently than another entity

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