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Compensatory pause

compensatory pause n.
A pause in the heartbeat following an extrasystole that is long enough to compensate for the prematurity of the extrasystole.


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  • Compensatory-lengthening

    noun, Historical Linguistics. 1. the lengthening of a vowel when a following consonant is weakened or lost, as the change from Old English niht [nikht] /nɪxt/ (Show IPA) to night [nahyt] /naɪt/ (Show IPA) with loss of [kh] /x/ (Show IPA) and lengthening of [i] /ɪ/ (Show IPA) to a vowel that eventually became [ahy] […]

  • Compensatory polycythemia

    compensatory polycythemia n. Polycythemia resulting from anoxia, as in congenital heart disease, pulmonary emphysema, or prolonged residence at a high altitude.

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