noun, Linguistics.
a subordinate clause that functions as the subject, direct object, or prepositional object of a verb, as that you like it in I’m surprised that you like it.

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  • Complement binding assay

    complement binding assay n. An assay for detecting immune complexes.

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    [kuh m-poz-it] /kəmˈpɒz ɪt/ adjective 1. made up of disparate or separate parts or elements; compound: a composite drawing; a composite philosophy. 2. Botany. belonging to the Compositae. Compare . 3. (initial capital letter) Architecture. noting or pertaining to one of the five classical orders, popular especially since the beginning of the Renaissance but invented […]

  • Composite colour signal

    noun 1. a colour television signal in which luminance and two chrominance components are encoded into a single signal

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    noun 1. the large and varied plant family Compositae (or Asteraceae), typified by herbaceous plants having alternate, opposite, or whorled leaves and a whorl of bracts surrounding the flower heads, which are usually composed of a disk containing tiny petalless flowers and a ray of petals extending from the flowers at the rim of the […]

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    composite flap com·pos·ite flap (kəm-pŏz’ĭt) n. A skin flap incorporating underlying muscle, bone, or cartilage. Also called compound flap.

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