Complementary closing


complimentary close

We all could use a list of complementary closings so we stop using the same tired ones.
Word Origin

complements’ the salutation

Read Also:

  • Complementary-color

    noun 1. Art. 2. . complementary color A secondary color that, when combined with the primary color whose wavelength it does not contain, produces white light. Thus yellow, which is produced by mixing the primary colors red and green, is the complementary color of blue. See Note at color.

  • Complementary colour

    noun 1. one of any pair of colours, such as yellow and blue, that give white or grey when mixed in the correct proportions

  • Complementary DNA

    noun 1. .

  • Complementary-distribution

    noun, Linguistics. 1. a relation such that the members of a pair or set of phones, morphs, or other linguistic units have no environment in common, as aspirated “p” and unaspirated “p” in English, the first occurring only in positions where the second does not.

  • Complementary gene

    noun 1. one of a pair of genes, each from different loci, that together are required for the expression of a certain characteristic

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