a bone fracture in which the bone is split completely across.

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  • Complete game

    noun in baseball, a game in which one pitcher works all nine innings without relief

  • Complete graph

    A graph which has a link between every pair of nodes. A complete bipartite graph can be partitioned into two subsets of nodes such that each node is joined to every node in the other subset. (1995-01-24)

  • Complete hemianopsia

    complete hemianopsia n. Hemianopsia affecting a full half of the visual field of each eye.

  • Complete hernia

    complete hernia n. An inguinal hernia in which the hernial sac and its contents extend through the opening.

  • Complete inference system

    logic An inference system A is complete with respect to another system B if A can reach every conclusion which is true in B. The dual to completeness is soundness. (1998-07-05)

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