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[kuh m-plek-shuh n] /kəmˈplɛk ʃən/

the natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin, especially of the face:
a clear, smooth, rosy complexion.
appearance; aspect; character:
His confession put a different complexion on things.
viewpoint, attitude, or conviction:
one’s political complexion.
(in old physiology) constitution or nature of body and mind, regarded as the result of certain combined qualities.
Obsolete. nature; disposition; temperament.
the colour and general appearance of a person’s skin, esp of the face
aspect, character, or nature: the general complexion of a nation’s finances


mid-14c., “bodily constitution,” from Old French complexion, complession “combination of humors,” hence “temperament, character, make-up,” from Latin complexionem (nominative complexio) “combination” (in Late Latin, “physical constitution”), from complexus (see complex (adj.)). Meaning “appearance of the skin of the face” is first recorded mid-15c. In medieval physiology, the color of the face indicated temperament or health.

complexion com·plex·ion (kəm-plěk’shən)
The natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin, especially of the face.


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