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a sentence containing two or more coordinate independent clauses, usually joined by one or more conjunctions, but no dependent clause, as The lightning flashed (independent clause) and (conjunction) the rain fell (independent clause).
a sentence containing at least two coordinate clauses

A sentence that contains at least two independent clauses, often joined by conjunctions: “Dr. Watson explained his theory, and Sherlock Holmes listened quietly.” (Compare complex sentence, compound-complex sentence, and simple sentence.)


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    noun 1. any sugar that when hydrolyzed yields two or more monosaccharides.

  • Compound-time

    noun, Music. 1. metrical time beaten so that three beats are counted as one; time in which each beat is divisible by three. noun 1. See compound1 (sense 16a)

  • Compound-wound

    [kom-pound-wound] /ˈkɒm paʊndˈwaʊnd/ adjective, Electricity. 1. noting an electric device in which part of the field circuit is in parallel with the armature circuit and part is in series with it.

  • Comprador

    [kom-pruh-dawr] /ˌkɒm prəˈdɔr/ noun 1. (formerly in China) a native agent or factotum, as of a foreign business house. /ˌkɒmprəˈdɔː/ noun 1. (formerly in China and some other Asian countries) a native agent of a foreign enterprise

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