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[kuh m-pres-iv] /kəmˈprɛs ɪv/

compressing; tending to compress.
compressing or having the power or capacity to compress


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    [kuh m-pres-er] /kəmˈprɛs ər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . 2. Anatomy. a muscle that some part of the body. 3. Surgery. an instrument for a part of the body. 4. a pump or other machine for reducing volume and increasing pressure of gases in order to condense the gases, drive pneumatically powered […]

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    [kuh m-presh-uh n] /kəmˈprɛʃ ən/ noun 1. the act of . 2. the state of being . 3. the effect, result, or consequence of being compressed. 4. (in internal-combustion engines) the reduction in volume and increase of pressure of the air or combustible mixture in the cylinder prior to ignition, produced by the motion of […]

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    [kom-pruh-mair-ee-oh, -mahr-] /ˌkɒm prəˈmɛər iˌoʊ, -ˈmɑr-/ noun, plural comprimarios. 1. a singer in an opera company who ranks below the lead singers and who usually sings secondary roles.

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