able to use computers

very familiar with computers and computer science; computer-literate
Word Origin

computer + literate
Usage Note

computing; shortened form of computer-literate

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  • Computer-based training

    application (CBT) Training (of humans) done by interaction with a computer. The programs and data used in CBT are known as “courseware.” (1995-03-13)

  • Computer bus

    architecture There are busses both within the CPU and connecting it to external memory and peripheral devices. The data bus, address bus and control signals, despite their names, really constitute a single bus since each is useless without the others. The width of the data bus is usually specified in bits and is the number […]

  • Computer compiler

    language A proposed language for compiler design. [Sammet 1969, p. 695]. (2007-02-13)

  • Computer conferencing

    noun 1. the conduct of meetings through the use of computer-based telecommunications

  • Computer confetti

    jargon (Or “chad”) A common term for punched-card chad, which, however, does not make good confetti, as the pieces are stiff and have sharp corners that could injure the eyes. GLS reports that he once attended a wedding at MIT during which he and a few other guests enthusiastically threw chad instead of rice. The […]

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