[kom-rad-lee, -rid-] /ˈkɒm ræd li, -rɪd-/

of, like, or befitting a :
a comradely pat on the shoulder.

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  • Comraderies

    [kom-rad-ree, -rid-] /ˈkɒm ræd ri, -rɪd-/ noun 1. . n. 1879, an attempt to nativize camaraderie.

  • Comradery

    [kom-rad-ree, -rid-] /ˈkɒm ræd ri, -rɪd-/ noun 1. . n. 1879, an attempt to nativize camaraderie.

  • Comradeship

    [kom-rad, -rid] /ˈkɒm ræd, -rɪd/ noun 1. a person who shares in one’s activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend. 2. a fellow member of a fraternal group, political party, etc. 3. a member of the Communist Party or someone with strongly leftist views. /ˈkɒmreɪd; -rɪd/ noun 1. an associate or companion 2. a fellow […]

  • Comrades marathon

    noun 1. (South African) the Comrades Marathon, an annual long-distance race run every year on the 16th of June from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, a distance of approximately 90 kilometres (56 miles) Often shortened to the Comrades

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    [kom-sat] /ˈkɒmˌsæt/ Trademark. 1. a privately owned corporation servicing the global communications satellite system and acting as the U.S. representative to and participant in Intelsat. noun 2. (often lowercase) a communications satellite. /ˈkɒmsæt/ noun 1. trademark short for communications satellite Communications Satellite Corporation

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