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[kom-tee-uh n, kawn-] /ˈkɒm ti ən, ˈkɔ̃-/

Also, Comtean. of or relating to the philosophy of Auguste Comte.
a follower of the philosophy of Auguste Comte.


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  • Comtism

    [kom-tiz-uh m, kawn-] /ˈkɒm tɪz əm, ˈkɔ̃-/ noun 1. the philosophy of Auguste Comte; positivism.

  • Conant

    [koh-nuh nt] /ˈkoʊ nənt/ noun 1. James Bryant, 1893–1978, U.S. chemist and educator: president of Harvard University 1933–53.

  • Conarium

    conarium co·nar·i·um (kō-nâr’ē-əm) n. See pineal body.

  • Conation

    [koh-ney-shuh n] /koʊˈneɪ ʃən/ noun, Psychology. 1. the part of mental life having to do with striving, including desire and volition. /kəʊˈneɪʃən/ noun 1. the element in psychological processes that tends towards activity or change and appears as desire, volition, and striving n. in philosophical use from 1836, from Latin conationem (nominative conatio) “an endeavoring, […]

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