Concave lens

concave lens n.
A lens having at least one surface curved like the inner surface of a sphere.

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  • Concaving

    [adjective, verb kon-keyv, kon-keyv; noun kon-keyv] /adjective, verb kɒnˈkeɪv, ˈkɒn keɪv; noun ˈkɒn keɪv/ adjective 1. curved like a segment of the interior of a circle or sphere; and curved. Compare (def 1). 2. Geometry. (of a polygon) having at least one interior angle greater than 180°. 3. Obsolete. . noun 4. a concave surface, […]

  • Concavity

    [kon-kav-i-tee] /kɒnˈkæv ɪ ti/ noun, plural concavities for 2. 1. the state or quality of being . 2. a surface or thing; cavity. /kɒnˈkævɪtɪ/ noun (pl) -ties 1. the state or quality of being concave 2. a concave surface or thing; cavity n. c.1400, from Old French concavité “hollow, concavity” (14c.) or directly from Latin […]

  • Concavo-concave

    [kon-key-voh-kon-keyv] /kɒnˈkeɪ voʊ kɒnˈkeɪv/ adjective 1. concave on both sides. /kɒnˌkeɪvəʊkɒnˈkeɪv/ adjective 1. (esp of a lens) having both sides concave; biconcave concavo-concave con·ca·vo-con·cave (kŏn-kā’vō-kŏn-kāv’) adj. Of or being biconcave.

  • Concavo-concave lens

    concavo-concave lens n. See biconcave lens.

  • Concavo-convex

    [kon-key-voh-kon-veks] /kɒnˈkeɪ voʊ kɒnˈvɛks/ adjective 1. Also, convexo-concave. concave on one side and convex on the other. 2. Optics. pertaining to or noting a lens in which the concave face has a greater degree of curvature than the convex face. adjective 1. having one side concave and the other side convex 2. (of a lens) […]

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