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[kuh n-sel-uh-bruh nt, kon-] /kənˈsɛl ə brənt, kɒn-/

a member of the clergy who participates in a concelebration.


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  • Concelebrate

    [kuh n-sel-uh-breyt, kon-] /kənˈsɛl əˌbreɪt, kɒn-/ verb (used without object), concelebrated, concelebrating. 1. to participate in a . verb (used with object), concelebrated, concelebrating. 2. to celebrate (a Eucharist or Mass) with other members of the clergy. /kənˈsɛlɪˌbreɪt/ verb 1. (Christianity) to celebrate (the Eucharist or Mass) jointly with one or more other priests

  • Concelebration

    [kuh n-sel-uh-brey-shuh n, kon-] /kənˌsɛl əˈbreɪ ʃən, kɒn-/ noun 1. the celebration of a Eucharist or Mass by two or more members of the clergy.

  • Concent

    [kuh n-sent] /kənˈsɛnt/ noun, Archaic. 1. concord of sound, voices, etc.; harmony. /kənˈsɛnt/ noun 1. (archaic) a concord, as of sounds, voices, etc n. “harmony,” 1580s, from Latin concentus “a singing together, harmony,” from concinere “to sing or sound together,” from com- “with, together” (see com-) + canere “to sing” (see chant (v.)). Often misspelled […]

  • Concenter

    [kon-sen-ter, kuh n-] /kɒnˈsɛn tər, kən-/ verb (used with or without object) 1. to bring or converge to a common center; concentrate.

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