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[kuh n-sesh-uh n] /kənˈsɛʃ ən/

the act of or yielding, as a right, a privilege, or a point or fact in an argument:
He made no concession to caution.
the thing or point yielded:
Management offered a shorter workweek as a concession.
something by a government or a controlling authority, as a grant of land, a privilege, or a franchise.
a space or privilege within certain premises for a subsidiary business or service:
the refreshment concession at a movie theater.
Canadian. any of the usually sixteen divisions of a township, each division being 10 sq. mi. (26 sq. km) in area and containing thirty-two 200-acre lots.
the act of yielding or conceding, as to a demand or argument
something conceded
(Brit) a reduction in the usual price of a ticket granted to a special group of customers: a student concession
any grant of rights, land, or property by a government, local authority, corporation, or individual
the right, esp an exclusive right, to market a particular product in a given area
(US & Canadian)

(Canadian, chiefly in Ontario and Quebec)


mid-15c., from Old French concession (14c.) or directly from Latin concessionem (nominative concessio) “an allowing, conceding,” noun of action from past participle stem of concedere (see concede). Meaning “right or privilege granted by government” is from 1650s. “Refreshment stand” sense is from 1910.


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