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Concrete poem


a poem whose meaning is conveyed through its graphic shape or pattern on the printed page; also called shaped verse

See shape poem


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  • Concrete-poet

    noun 1. a writer of concrete poetry.

  • Concrete-poetry

    noun 1. poetry in which effects are created by the physical arrangement of words in patterns or forms rather than by the use of traditional language structure. noun 1. poetry in which the visual form of the poem is used to convey meaning n. 1958, from terms coined independently in mid-1950s in Brazil (poesia concreta) […]

  • Concrete syntax

    language, data The syntax of a language including all the features visible in the source code such as parentheses and delimiters. The concrete syntax is used when parsing the program or other input, during which it is usually converted into some kind of abstract syntax tree (conforming to an abstract syntax). In communications, concrete syntax […]

  • Concrete thinking

    concrete thinking n. Thinking characterized by a predominance of actual objects and events and the absence of concepts and generalizations.

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