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Concurrent object-oriented c

(cooC) A language with concurrent object execution from Toshiba. It has synchronous and asynchronous message passing. It has been implemented for SunOS.
[SIGPLAN Notices 28(2)].


Read Also:

  • Concurrent object-oriented language

    (COOL) An extension of C++ with task-level parallelism for shared-memory multi-processors. [“COOL: A Language for Parallel Programming”, R. Chandra rohit@seagull.stanford.edu et al in Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing, D. Gelernter et al eds, MIT Press 1990, pp. 126-148]. E-mail: Rohit Chandra . (1994-11-30)

  • Concurrent pascal

    An extension of a Pascal subset, Sequential Pascal, developed by Brinch Hansen in 1972-75. Concurrent Pascal was the first language to support monitors. It provided access to hardware devices through monitor calls and supported also processes and classes. [“The Programming Language Concurrent Pascal”, Per Brinch Hansen, IEEE Trans Soft Eng 1(2):199-207 (Jun 1975)]. (1994-11-30)

  • Concurrent processing

    noun 1. the ability of a computer to process two or more programs in parallel multitasking

  • Concurrent prolog

    A Prolog variant with guarded clauses and committed-choice nondeterminism (don’t-care nondeterminism) by Ehud “Udi” Shapiro, Yale shapiro-ehud@yale.edu. A subset has been implemented, but not the full language. See also Mandala. [“Concurrent Prolog: Collected Papers”, E. Shapiro, V.1-2, MIT Press 1987]. (1994-11-30)

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