Conduction aphasia

conduction aphasia n.
A form of aphasia in which there is ability to speak and write but words are skipped, repeated, or substituted for one another. Also called associative aphasia.

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  • Conduction band

    noun 1. See energy band conduction band The electron orbital or orbitals, generally the outermost orbitals, in atoms in a conductor or semiconductor, in which the electrons are free enough to move and thereby carry an electric current. Compare valence band. See also bandgap.

  • Conductive

    [kuh n-duhk-tiv] /kənˈdʌk tɪv/ adjective 1. having the property or capability of . /kənˈdʌktɪv/ adjective 1. of, denoting, or having the property of conduction adj. 1520s, from conduct + -ive. Physics sense is from 1840. Related: Conductivity (1837).

  • Conductive deafness

    conductive deafness con·duc·tive deafness (kn-dŭk’tĭv) n. Hearing loss or impairment caused by a defect in part of the ear that conducts sound, specifically the external canal or middle ear.

  • Conductive education

    noun 1. an educational system, developed in Hungary by András Petö, in which teachers (conductors) teach children and adults with motor disorders to function independently, by guiding them to attain their own goals in their own way

  • Conductive hearing impairment

    conductive hearing impairment n. Hearing impairment caused by an interference with the apparatus conducting sound to the inner ear.

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