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Condylar canal

condylar canal n.
The opening through the occipital bone posterior to the condyle on each side, transmitting the occipital emissary vein. Also called condyloid canal, posterior condyloid foramen.


Read Also:

  • Condylar emissary vein

    condylar emissary vein n. A vein that connects the sigmoid sinus and the venous plexuses surrounding the vertebral processes amd vertebral bodies through the condylar canal of the occipital bone.

  • Condylar fossa

    condylar fossa n. A depression behind the condyle of the occipital bone in which the posterior margin of the superior facet of the atlas lies in extension.

  • Condylar joint

    condylar joint n. See ellipsoidal joint.

  • Condylar process

    condylar process n. The articular process of the ramus of the mandible.

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