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[uh-kyoo-muh-ney-tuh m] /əˌkyu məˈneɪ təm/

plural noun

condyloma acuminatum condyloma a·cu·mi·na·tum (ə-kyōō’mə-nā’təm)
See genital wart.


Read Also:

  • Condyloma latum

    condyloma latum condyloma la·tum (lā’təm) n. See flat condyloma.

  • Condylomata

    [kon-dl-oh-muh] /ˌkɒn dlˈoʊ mə/ noun, plural condylomas, condylomata [kon-dl-oh-muh-tuh] /ˌkɒn dlˈoʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA). Pathology. 1. a wartlike growth on the skin, usually in the region of the anus or genitals. /ˌkɒndɪˈləʊmə/ noun (pl) -mas, -mata (-mətə) 1. a skin tumour near the anus or genital organs, esp as a result of syphilis condyloma […]

  • Condylotomy

    condylotomy con·dy·lot·o·my (kŏn’dl-ŏt’ə-mē) n. Incision or surgical division of a condyle.

  • Condylus

    condylus con·dy·lus (kŏn’dl-əs) n. pl. con·dy·li (-dl-ī’) Condyle.

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