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operating system
A text file containing special system configuration commands. It is found in the root directory on an MS-DOS computer, typically on drive C (the hard disk). It is read by MS-DOS at boot time, after the setup has been read from CMOS RAM and before running AUTOEXEC.BAT. It can be modified by the user.
Some example commands which CONFIG.SYS might contain are:
DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS /testmem:off
Load the extended memory manager.
Load the expanded memory manager.
Specify memory for disk buffers.
Set the number of files that can be open at once.
DOS is located in UppeMemoryBlock.
Disk drives are A: to Z:.
Set the number of file control blocks.
Report the DOS version to older programs.
DOS should maintain a link to UMB.
Set the country code for some programs.
Set dynamic stacks for hardware control.
Set the location of the command interpreter.


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