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Congenital pyloric stenosis

congenital pyloric stenosis n.
See hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.


Read Also:

  • Congenital stridor

    congenital stridor n. Stridor occurring at birth or within the first few months of life. It may be due to abnormal flaccidity of the epiglottis or arytenoids.

  • Congenital syphilis

    congenital syphilis n. Syphilis acquired by the fetus in utero.

  • Congenital total lipodystrophy

    congenital total lipodystrophy n. An inherited disorder characterized by an almost complete lack of subcutaneous fat, accelerated rate of growth and skeletal development during the first 3 to 4 years of life, muscular hypertrophy, cardiac enlargement, hepatosplenomegaly, hypertrichosis, renal enlargement, hyperlipemia, and hypermetabolism.

  • Congenital valve

    congenital valve n. An abnormal fold in a lining membrane that obstructs a passage, as of mucous membrane in the urethra.

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