[kuh n-jes-chuh n] /kənˈdʒɛs tʃən/

overcrowding; clogging:
severe traffic congestion.
an excessive or abnormal accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part or blood vessel:
pulmonary congestion.
the state of being overcrowded, esp with with traffic or people
the state of being overloaded or clogged with blood
the state of being blocked with mucus

early 15c., “action of gathering together,” from Middle French congestion (14c.), from Latin congestionem (nominative congestio), noun of action from past participle stem of congerere (see congest). Medical sense is from 1630s; meaning “a crowding together of people, traffic, etc.” is from 1883.

congestion con·ges·tion (kən-jěs’chən)
The presence of an abnormal amount of fluid in a vessel or organ; especially excessive accumulation of blood, due either to increased afflux or to obstruction of return flow.

When the offered load of a data communication path exceeds the capacity.

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