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[kuh n-groo-i-tee, kon-, kuh ng-, kong-] /kənˈgru ɪ ti, kɒn-, kəŋ-, kɒŋ-/

noun, plural congruities.
the state or quality of being ; harmony; appropriateness:
a congruity of ideas.
the state or quality of being geometrically congruent.
a point of agreement.
Scholasticism. merit bestowed as a divine gift rather than earned.

late 14c., from Old French congruité “relevance, appropriateness,” from Late Latin congruitatem (nominative congruens) “agreement,” from congruus (see congruent).


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  • Congruous

    [kong-groo-uh s] /ˈkɒŋ gru əs/ adjective 1. exhibiting harmony of parts. 2. appropriate or fitting. /ˈkɒŋɡrʊəs/ adjective 1. corresponding or agreeing 2. suitable; appropriate adj. c.1600, from Latin stem congru- (see congruent) + -ous.

  • Congruous hemianopsia

    congruous hemianopsia con·gru·ous hemianopsia (kŏng’grōō-əs) n. Hemianopsia in which the defects in the visual field of each eye are symmetrical in every respect.

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