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[kon-jer, kuhn-] /ˈkɒn dʒər, ˈkʌn-/

(in the southern U.S. and the West Indies) a conjurer; witch doctor.


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    [kon-jer, kuhn- for 1–5, 8–10, 12; kuh n-joo r for 6, 7, 11] /ˈkɒn dʒər, ˈkʌn- for 1–5, 8–10, 12; kənˈdʒʊər for 6, 7, 11/ verb (used with object), conjured, conjuring. 1. to affect or influence by or as if by invocation or spell. 2. to effect, produce, bring, etc., by or as by magic: […]

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    [kon-jer-er, kuhn- for 1, 2; kuh n-joo r-er for 3] /ˈkɒn dʒər ər, ˈkʌn- for 1, 2; kənˈdʒʊər ər for 3/ noun 1. a person who spirits or practices magic; magician. 2. a person who practices legerdemain; juggler. 3. a person who solemnly charges or entreats. /ˈkʌndʒərə/ noun 1. a person who practises conjuring, esp […]

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