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[kongk, kawngk] /kɒŋk, kɔŋk/

noun, Mycology.
the shelflike fruiting body of certain wood-decaying fungi; bracket.
to strike (someone) a blow, esp on the head or nose
a punch or blow, esp on the head or nose
the head or (esp Brit and NZ) the nose

as in conk out, 1918, coined by World War I airmen, perhaps in imitation of the sound of a stalling motor, reinforced by conk (v.) “hit on the head,” originally “punch in the nose” (1821), from conk (n.), slang for “nose” (1812), perhaps from fancied resemblance to a conch (pronounced “conk”) shell.


The head •Conk designated the nose earlier, by 1812 (1860s+)


Related Terms

bust one’s ass

[probably fr conch]


: I couldn’t get over marveling at how their hair was straight and shiny like white men’s hair; Ella told me this was called ”conk”


To apply a mixture sometimes containing lye to the head in order to straighten kinky hair

[1940s+ Black; probably fr Congolene, trademark of a preparation used to straighten hair, influenced by conk1]


To die; cease to operate; conk out: A year after that, a spinster aunt conked (WWI Royal Flying Corps)


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