[verb kuh n-skript; noun, adjective kon-skript] /verb kənˈskrɪpt; noun, adjective ˈkɒn skrɪpt/

verb (used with object)
to draft for military or naval service.
to compel into service.
a recruit obtained by .
enrolled or formed by ; drafted:
a conscript soldier.
noun (ˈkɒnskrɪpt)

verb (kənˈskrɪpt)
(transitive) to enrol (youths, civilians, etc) for compulsory military service

1800, perhaps a back-formation (influenced by French adjective conscrit) from conscription.

1530s, from Latin conscriptus, past participle of conscribere “to draw up, list,” literally “to write together” (see conscription).

1813, American English, from conscript (n.). A word from the militia drafts in the War of 1812. Popularized (or unpopularized) during U.S. Civil War, when both sides resorted to it in 1862. Related: Conscripted; conscripting.

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