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compulsory enrollment of persons for military or naval service; draft.
a compulsory contribution of money to a government during a time of war.
Contemporary Examples

Lapid will have to swallow a painful compromise on ultra-Orthodox conscription.
Obama Complicates Netanyahu’s Coalition Talks J. J. Goldberg February 6, 2013

The hametz example may also enhance our understanding of the debate on the conscription of haredi men to the IDF.
How Israel Isn’t Like Saudi Arabia Yoav Sivan July 29, 2012

Bennett, it’s true, demanded changing that agreement—once the conscription problem was settled.
The Single Issue Postponing Israeli Politics Gershom Gorenberg March 3, 2013

If we had conscription, half of these people would be in the army.
Let Them Wear Diesel Jeans Gay Talese October 12, 2008

When I reported for my conscription in 2010 I thought I would do my two years of service without anything happening.
Former Syrian Soldier Describes Life in the Army at the Start of War Andrew Slater September 3, 2013

Historical Examples

conscription for military service had been tried in the North with results so bitter that it seemed unwise to attempt it again.
Lights and Shadows in Confederate Prisons Homer B. Sprague

He escaped the conscription on the ground of being a widow’s eldest son.
The Fortune of the Rougons Emile Zola

Also one establishing and reorganizing the Bureau of conscription.
A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary at the Confederate States Capital John Beauchamp Jones

It was a few weeks after the conscription Act had been passed.
All Roads Lead to Calvary Jerome K. Jerome

The immense debts of the government were paid in paper money, while conscription filled the ranks with all the youth of the state.
A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon John Lord, A.M.

compulsory military service

late 14c., “a putting in writing,” from Middle French conscription, from Latin conscriptionem (nominative conscriptio) “a drawing up of a list, enrollment, a levying of soldiers,” from conscribere “to enroll,” from com- “with” (see com-) + scribere “to write” (see script (n.)).

Meaning “enlistment of soldiers” is from 1520s; the sense “compulsory enlistment for military service” (1800) is traceable to the French Republic act of Sept. 5, 1798. Technically, a conscription is the enrollment of a fixed number by lot, with options of providing a substitute.


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