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Conservation grade

relating to food produced using traditional methods where possible, and following strict specifications regarding animal feeds and welfare, the use of chemical fertilizers, wildlife conservation, and land management


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    noun, Physics, Chemistry. 1. any law stating that some quantity or property remains constant during and after an interaction or process, as conservation of charge or conservation of linear momentum. conservation law Any of various principles, such as the conservation of charge and the conservation of energy, that require some measurable property of a closed […]

  • Conservation-of-angular-momentum

    noun, Physics. 1. the principle that the total angular momentum of a system has constant magnitude and direction if the system is subjected to no external force.

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    noun, Physics. 1. the principle that the total baryon number remains constant in all processes involving the interaction of elementary particles.

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    noun, Physics. 1. the principle that the total electric charge of a system is constant. noun 1. the principle that the total charge of any isolated system is constant and independent of changes that take place within the system conservation of charge A conservation law stating that the total electric charge of a closed system […]

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